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Bali National Model United Nations 2016, “Uniting and Reshaping the World Through Diplomacy” presented by IR Udayana MUN Community and Komahi Udayana is coming this AUGUST on the soil of island of gods.

Inspired by peacefulness of Bali Island, this year we proudly invite you to UN Simulation on one of the most important places where many international meetings and conferences has being held.

We believe that youth as the generation of tomorrow must step forward to discuss the issues world is facing today.

We are calling for all high schoolers and undergraduate students from all over Indonesia and beyond to create your own destiny, and express your ideas toward the global issues. And together we will create a brave new world.

So suit up delegates, the world needs your voice !

For further updates and information, please follow:
Line: @MND5784C
Twitter: @UdayanaMUN / @KomahiUNUD
Facebook: Bali National MUN

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