1st Udayana MUN and Workshop 2015



Welcome to Udayana Model United Nations!

Delegasi Udayana at PadMUN 2015
Delegasi Udayana at PadMUN 2015

What is MUN ?

MUN or Model United Nations is a United Nations conference simulation. In model

united nation you can experience the real work of a diplomat. Each of delegates will represents

each country listed in UN committees, do negotiation, offers solution, and create coalition. All

things that diplomat do in their real life job will be done by you as well in this conference


To run it function, united nation divide the its task into several committee such as United

Nations General Assembly (UNGA), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), United Nations

Human Right Council (UNHRC) and various committee that work within the UN bodies. In

short, you are a distinguished diplomat. Your duty is to voice your national concern and interest

in the committee that you work in.

In MUN, the delegates must work hand-in-hand with other delegates to find the best

solution that they can offer to the issue that their committee work in. The delegates must

understand their country interests and goals, in order to produce a solution which is not

conflicting against the country that they represent. Therefore, MUN will enhance oratory and

negotiating skill, and refine the knowledge of the participants in the field of international studies

Udayana Model Nations Community

Udayana Model United Nations Community was established on January, 6th 2015 by

International Relations students of Faculty of Social and Political Science, Udayana University.

The MUN division consist the boards of 6 member that work under the supervision of

International Relations Student Corps or KOMAHI Udayana. The purpose of MUN is just like a

laboratory to the IR students to sharpen their diplomatic skill, since diplomacy is one of the

important skill that every IR students must have. Although it just been founded, Udayana MUN

expanding quickly to laid the foundation of MUN culture in Bali.

1st Udayana Model United Nations and Workshop 2015


For the 1st Udayana MUN and Workshop 2015. We invite Senior High School and

University students around Bali, to experience the diplomatic conference of the UN. During the

first day or Workshop, we will introduce the complete details about MUN to the participants. For

the second day, we will having a conference in United Nations General Assembly to discuss

about ISIS in the Middle-East.

The system that we use for the conference is double delegate, a country represented by

two delegate. Therefore, the participants must prepare a partner to form a team for the

conference. For the country allocation and material about the conference, the committee will

send it by email to the delegates on September, 2nd.

For the 1st Udayana MUN and Workshop 2015. The delegates will have a competition to

win the awards that the committee has prepared. The 1st position is the Best Delegates, 2nd,

Outstanding Delegates, and 3rd, Honourable Mention. We also have individual award, which is

Honourable Speaker.

Therefore, we invite you to join and experience this great opportunity at Udayana



For info, contacts:

Nanda Wijaya


Arya Wipra


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